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Steph Prangley

Recovered Life Contributor

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About Steph

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Sober Coach

Steph is passionate about helping people feel their best so they can pursue their highest purpose and live in alignment with their values. She helps clients develop a customized, integrative recovery plan that combines evidence-based nutritional therapy and functional wellness practices, values-based mindset work, realistic goal-setting, and sustainable habit

Steph’s story is deeply rooted in a history of high-achieving perfectionism and a self-sabotaging cycle. In her 20s and early 30s, she escaped feelings of low self-worth by overworking and disordered eating. In her late-30s, she began healing her relationship with work, food, and her body but developed a disordered relationship with alcohol instead.

Steph has found freedom from alcohol, work addiction, and disordered eating by addressing her chronic health conditions and feelings of low self-worth and aligning with her values. She is excited to continue using her training, experience, and education to serve people in recovery.

Steph primarily works with:

  • People with 90+ days of sobriety looking to enhance recovery efforts, repair their body from the damage of long-term alcohol use, and address underlying health conditions
  • High-achieving, professional women experiencing physical, mental, and emotional burnout
  • Women’s digestive and hormonal concerns

I was always a high-achieving perfectionist. That looked like being a top student and athlete on scholarship in college when I was younger, then aggressively climbing the corporate ladder and attempting to shrink my body with harmful weight loss practices in my 20s and 30s.

My life looked great from the outside. I was advancing in my career, earning a great income, and checking all boxes. But inside, I was deteriorating. I was starving myself physically and emotionally and stretched too thin.

Alcohol became the only way I could turn off my brain and relax. Drinking was the only time I had relief from the voice in my head telling me, “you’re not enough.”

I was in a loop of overperforming, taking care of everyone but myself, self-sabotaging, “resetting”, then repeating. 

I used alcohol as a mute button for a world I found to be too noisy and a brain too active. I used alcohol to escape my feelings of low self-worth. I used alcohol because I didn’t know any other way.

I finally decided enough was enough – I knew alcohol wasn’t serving me anymore, and I dove headfirst into recovery and haven’t looked back.

I understand how essential nutrition is to recovery and know deep down that my purpose in life is to fill this gap in the recovery space. Creating balance in the body with nutrition and functional wellness practices elevates our other recovery efforts while helping prevent slips and relapses. 

When you feel good, you have the energy and capacity to live your life by design. Building a physically and emotionally healthy life you never want to escape is the ultimate act of rebellion in a booze-filled society that keeps us small, sick, and distracted.

I’d be honored to support and guide you on your path to living with purpose, passion, and the health to enjoy it all.

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