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Shauna McKenna Vick

Recovered Life Contributor

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About Shauna

Joy Coach

Shauna McKenna Vick is a certified Joy Coach specializing in addiction recovery and chronic relapse, utilizing a neuroscience-based approach for joyful recovery. Her practice involves co-creating individualized plans that focus on understanding brain patterns, creating new neural pathways, and overcoming obstacles to joy. Key aspects of her coaching include building a sobriety toolbox, intention setting, skill development for healthy habits, and problem-solving techniques to foster motivation and accountability.

Shauna McKenna Vick is a dedicated sober coach and recovery specialist with a unique background. A woman in long-term recovery herself, Shauna understands the challenges faced by those struggling with addiction. After a successful career as a software sales executive, Shauna decided to dedicate the second half of her life to helping others recover from addiction and create fulfilling, sober lives.

With a diverse educational background, including a BA in English and Biology, B.Ed, CPRC (Certified Professional Recovery Coach), CPC (Certified Professional Coach), and CRS (Certified Recovery Specialist), Shauna’s expertise is unparalleled. As an Arise Interventionist Candidate and a member of NAADAC and APNC, her practice focuses on creating a recovered sober life, finding joy through an additive approach, addressing chronic relapse, and supporting clients in early recovery.

Shauna’s strengths-based coaching model is grounded in the Neuroscience of Joyful Recovery.

Working closely with her clients, she co-creates individualized and collaborative plans that include:

  • Focusing on the brain, addiction, and recovery
  • Recognizing old patterns of behavior that can lead to relapse
  • Creating new neural pathways
  • Identifying obstacles to joy
  • Building a sobriety toolbox
  • Overcoming fear, resentment, rumination, and anxious thoughts
  • Setting intentions
  • Developing healthy recovery-focused habits and coping strategies
  • Teaching problem-solving techniques and distress-tolerance skills
  • Providing motivation and accountability

Through her empathetic and knowledgeable approach, Shauna McKenna Vick empowers clients to not only recover from addiction but to thrive in their lives, crafting a meaningful existence they don’t need to escape or self-medicate through.

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