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How To Have Healthy Relationships In Sobriety


How To Have Healthy Relationships In Sobriety

I sit down with life coach Amy Guerrero to discuss having healthy relationships in sobriety. Amy and I spoke about her journey to recovery and her realization that changing her relationships held the key to better sobriety. Amy also shares helpful, actionable tips on identifying if past trauma holds you back from great relationships and how long-term sobriety may not be the barometer for judging your relationship skills.

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Recovery is possible for anyone who feels stuck but requires work, commitment, and letting go of old ideas. The idea that a fulfilling life is impossible without drugs or alcohol is a misconception that can be overcome. Although the road to long-term sobriety may be challenging, thriving in a sober life is possible. As someone who has experienced these struggles firsthand, I specialize in coaching others to live their best-recovered lives. I work with a variety of individuals, including those in early sobriety, high-performing professionals, individuals struggling with addiction, high-risk relapsers, and even celebrities. With my guidance, clients can overcome their obstacles and pursue the life they truly desire. ​

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