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Dutch Gaming Authority Calls for Stricter Regulations to Curb Gambling Addiction


Dutch Gaming Authority Calls for Stricter Regulations to Curb Gambling Addiction

The Dutch gaming authority, KSA, has sounded the alarm on lax practices in online gambling, urging for tighter regulations in the sector. A study conducted by the KSA, initially for internal purposes, revealed that online gambling platforms are not adequately addressing concerns about gambling addiction. The unsettling results of the study prompted the KSA to make its findings public.

The investigation highlighted that the first 10 online gambling companies to receive permits in 2021, including state-owned Toto and Holland Casino, have varied policies regarding their duty of care. Many of these approaches, according to the report, are proving ineffective. A significant concern was the inability of many providers to swiftly intervene in cases of potential gambling addiction. Current monitoring methods primarily focus on changes in gaming behavior, which can sometimes overlook habitual high-spending players. Additionally, the emphasis on the amount of deposits and bets often sidesteps other critical factors like the number of hours played.

One key revelation was that the present systems are not well-equipped to identify young adult players (aged 18-24) who might be developing gambling issues. The KSA noted that monitoring often misses these players because of the lower limits set for them.

In response to these findings, the KSA has announced its intentions to propose modifications to the existing legislation and to enhance its own policies. Proposed measures include the mandatory real-time monitoring of players, refining the indicators used to assess gaming behavior, and the obligatory blocking of players showing signs of addiction.

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