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Meredith Wickliffe

Recovered Life Contributor

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Licensed Practical Nurse, Co-Dependency expert, Family systems support advocate within addiction and Co-Dependency recovery, Peer to Peer support coach, Self Care coach, and accountability partner. Member of NAADAC.

With decades of her own life experience from the effects of drug addiction and alcoholism, Meredith brings her own life experience living with Co-Dependency and Complex PTSD to the forefront. Bringing with her 35 years of compassion and empathy as a Licensed Practical Nurse and 13 years of practicing recovery.

From merely surviving for over 5 decades to thriving….Living my best recovered life.


Growing up in an alcoholic/drug-addicted/dysfunctional household brought its challenges at a very young age. Surviving abuse and neglect was no small feat, although I thought it was…before finding recovery. Abuse and neglect were “NORMAL” to me, acceptable even. I thought everyone lived the same way as I did. Learning those childlike survival skills at such a tender young age kept me alive and safe at the time, yet they carried over into my young adulthood. I discovered that My dysfunctional patterns of thinking and believing that I was taught while being raised in dysfunction no longer worked for me in my adult life. I found myself stuck, having no life skills to cope when life got tough. I had no real emotional identification process, much less any emotional regulation, which wreaked total havoc everywhere I went, especially within my relationships. These learned dysfunctional patterns became “MY PICKERS” in every area of my life, from the career I chose to severe work-a-holism, to the insecure attachment style that developed within my relationships, to being a people pleaser, and a chameleon, always wearing a mask, to the friends and romantic partners I chose, and everything else in between, regardless if it was what I really wanted, or even needed. I became a lost, empty, miserable soul. I felt totally disconnected from my identity, never feeling like I actually fit anywhere, and never felt fully loved or accepted until I found recovery and other people just like me.

Fast forward 30 years…Today, I am a proud, grateful member of the 12-step process program of Al-Anon, Adult Children of Alcoholics/Dysfunctional Families (ACOA), and Co-Dependents Anonymous (CODA). I am a successful, independent Business entrepreneur in the restaurant and entertainment industry for over 3 decades, which has taught me leadership, diversity, flexibility, human resource skills, communication skills and so much more. I realized that I was a phenomenal leader and teacher, but this industry was not my passion, my passion lies within the recovery world by helping others and those who still suffer in silence to learn a different way to live a life beyond the effects of addiction and dysfunction. To coach them on how to “DO IT DIFFERENT” by challenging those ingrained, limited belief systems that are no longer working and offering a different perspective to learn a new way to think, to feel, and to reconnect with yourself. Helping you develop a different mindset of life skills and tools to use so you, too, can recover and become the very “BEST” version of yourself. You, too, can recover and live the life that “YOU CHOOSE” We recover together through love, connection, community, and support. 

My coaching strengths lie within supporting those affected by alcoholism, drug addiction, generational family dysfunction, Co-Dependency, and the teaching of the importance of what I call total self-care FITNESS…physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, and relationally. Coaching you into becoming the very best CEO of your own life.

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