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Damon Frank

Recovery is possible for anyone who feels stuck but requires work, commitment, and letting go of old ideas. The idea that a fulfilling life is impossible without drugs or alcohol is a misconception that can be overcome. Although the road to long-term sobriety may be challenging, thriving in a sober life is possible. As someone who has experienced these struggles firsthand, I specialize in coaching others to live their best-recovered lives. I work with a variety of individuals, including those in early sobriety, high-performing professionals, individuals struggling with addiction, high-risk relapsers, and even celebrities. With my guidance, clients can overcome their obstacles and pursue the life they truly desire. ​

Kristina Dennis

Kristina Dennis is an expert in helping people overcome adversity, including addiction, codependency, trauma, disease, and divorce. She is a Certified Addiction Interventionist (CAI) who uses a compassionate approach to guide individuals towards freedom from limiting beliefs. Kristina's one-on-one and group courses focus on implementing effective daily techniques and offering spiritual guidance to help transform lives. Her ability to tailor her approach to each person's unique experiences sets her apart. With over 20 years of experience as a coach, Kristina considers it her mission to help people be grateful for their experiences and to embrace a life full of love and joy.

Jennifer Salzman

Jenifer, an Alcohol Freedom Life Coach, supports individuals with ADHD (formally or self-diagnosed) who have been using alcohol to manage their symptoms by sharing her own experience and the consequences of self-medicating. She realized that she had spent over 20 years using alcohol to cope with her ADHD symptoms and learned that individuals with ADHD are five to ten times more likely to develop alcohol use disorder. Through her 1-on-1 and group coaching programs, she works with individuals to change their beliefs around alcohol without labels or judgment, without willpower and without feeling deprived. Her mission is to pass on the tools she has learned to manage her ADHD without the use of substances or other unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Haven Jo Beck

Haven Jo Beck is a Certified Addiction Interventionist and Trauma-Informed Life and Happiness Coach with over 25 years of experience in the 12-step world, therapy, and numerous other approaches to recovery. She specializes in helping people struggling with disordered eating, obesity, food addiction, body image dysmorphia, and drug addiction. Haven's workshops and services are focused on food addiction and trauma, offering a compassionate and trauma-sensitive approach to healing childhood trauma while dealing with food, eating, drug, and body acceptance issues. Her tailor-made approach to coaching, supported by academic literature and personal experience, has helped thousands of people worldwide to create and maintain successful eating and recovery programs. Haven lives with her family near the beach, where she homeschools her children and enjoys an abstinent, healthy lifestyle.

Desiree Hull

Desiree Hull is a Certified Professional Recovery Coach and Certified Temperament Counselor who specializes in helping sober-curious women break free from the generational bondage of addiction. By addressing self-limiting beliefs and aligning with their God-given temperament, Desiree empowers her clients to overcome feelings of defeat and overwhelm. After growing up in a family where alcohol consumption was normalized and struggling with addiction herself, Desiree found solace in community and counseling. With a newfound understanding of the addictive nature of alcohol, she put down the drink on January 27, 2021 and pursued a career in faith-based counseling. Passionate about helping others break free from addiction, Desiree now utilizes her expertise in temperament and recovery coaching to support clients on their journey towards freedom and a brighter future.

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Shauna McKenna Vick

Shauna McKenna Vick is a certified Joy Coach with a unique background, specializing in addiction recovery and chronic relapse. She uses a neuroscience-based approach to help clients understand brain patterns, create new neural pathways, and overcome obstacles to joy. Drawing from her own experience in long-term recovery, Shauna crafts individualized plans that emphasize building a sobriety toolbox, setting intentions, and developing healthy habits. With an extensive educational background, including certifications in professional recovery coaching and recovery specialist, Shauna is dedicated to empowering clients to not only overcome addiction, but also to thrive in their lives and create fulfilling, sober existences.

Profile photo ofNicole Lesperance

Nicole Lesperance

Nicole Lesperance is a Certified Professional Life Coach and Certified Professional Recovery Coach, and a member of NAADAC. She uses her personal experience of dealing with addiction and trauma, as well as her journey towards self-care and boundary-setting, to provide empathetic support and unique insights to clients who struggle with sharing their life with an addict. Nicole's passion for helping those who love addicts, combined with her professional qualifications, make her a valuable resource for those seeking to break the cycle of generational addiction and create a more balanced and fulfilling life. Through confronting her own trauma, she discovered her life's purpose: to be a life coach and help those who love addicts find peace in their lives. Nicole is committed to helping others navigate the complexities and challenges that come with loving someone who struggles with addiction, providing guidance, encouragement, and support as they embark on their journey of healing and self-discovery.

Michelle Rowley

Michelle Rowley is a Substance Use Peer Recovery Specialist, Mental Health Peer Support Specialist, and Co-Occurring Disorders Advocate. She is a person in long-term recovery from alcohol addiction, bipolar II disorder, ADHD, PTSD, and dyslexia. Michelle coaches others with co-occurring disorders by utilizing her personal experience in co-occurring recovery and peer specialist tools. She helps individuals identify their recovery capital and build upon the investment they are making. In 2018, she completed a nationally accredited Peer Recovery Specialist training and mental health peer specialist training through the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) in 2021. She created the Co-Occurring Disorders Club online in 2021, which now has 1.2k members, and is bringing that successful program to Recovered Life. Michelle is passionate about raising awareness and advocating for others who have co-occurring disorders and is involved in various committees and teams related to mental health and drug prevention in her community.

Amber Jamison

As a skilled hypnotherapist, I specialize in helping individuals unlock the full potential of their recovery journey. By utilizing the power of hypnotherapy, my clients can gain deeper insights into their subconscious, enabling them to have greater control over their beliefs, habits, and behaviors. This powerful approach has been shown to accelerate results and improve overall well-being. As someone who has struggled with addiction, I understand the challenges of overcoming eating disorders and alcoholism. Through years of intensive work, I have also overcome codependency. However, traditional therapy didn't always work for me, and I often felt hopeless. But, a few years ago, I reached a turning point. I knew that something had to change. That's when I turned to hypnotherapy, and it was life-changing. My first session was over the phone, and I felt immediate relief. I continued to see results over the course of several months, and eventually, I was able to manage my anxiety and depression and make the decision to get sober. ​ Now, as a hypnotherapist, I am excited to share the transformative power of hypnotherapy with my clients. It was the original source of my recovery and getting sober, and now being able to guide others on their own journey is the ultimate gift. I look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your goals.

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Jeff Graham

Jeff Graham is a Certified Recovery Coach with over 30 years of personal experience battling alcohol addiction. Today, he helps individuals not only stop living with alcohol but also start truly living without it. Jeff discovered that the key to freedom from alcohol is not just stopping its consumption but making it a non-issue in one's life. Having once used alcohol to combat anxiety, he now understands that it was the source of his struggles. With a passion for guiding others towards a life unburdened by alcohol, Jeff works with clients to break free from alcohol's chains, regain control, and embrace a thriving, fulfilling life.

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Holly Maddox

Holly Maddox is a Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS) and Certified Recovery Family Specialist (CFRS) who has dedicated her life to helping individuals and families affected by substance use and alcohol use disorders. Drawing from her personal experiences overcoming addiction, Holly uses a compassionate and empathetic approach, focusing on the impact of generational and complex trauma as well as adverse childhood experiences. With expertise in topics like grief and loss, divorce, setting healthy boundaries, and trauma, Holly is passionate about guiding others through their healing journey. Having faced various challenges in her life, including the loss of her mother, multiple rehabs, and a battle with breast cancer, Holly's resilience and courage inspire others to embark on their own path towards recovery and healing.

Kristin Fuller

Kristin Fuller is a Certified Emotional Healing and Recovery Coach, Certified Facilitator for SMART Recovery, Certified Trauma and Somatic Healing Expert, and a member of NADAAC. As a survivor of sexual abuse and alcoholism, Kristin is passionate about helping others overcome addiction, depression, and anxiety. Her "Unchained and Reclaimed" framework, which she offers through private coaching sessions, teaches clients how to unchain themselves from addiction and reclaim a life full of vibrancy, hope, and healing. Kristin is also the producer of the "Last Call With Kristin" podcast, where she provides a safe space to discuss addiction, recovery, and trauma without shame, blame, or stigma. Her coaching strengths lie in supporting those with past trauma wounds who have turned to addiction to cope and survive.

Camille Goering

Camille Goering is a health and recovery coach, grief and growth expert, and founder of FireByrd Holistic Healing. Drawing on her personal experiences with addiction and recovery, Camille combines neuroscience, behavioral psychology, Eastern spirituality, and mindfulness to help clients rewire their brains and overcome addiction, grief, and trauma. She specializes in working with the recovery-curious, recovery newbies, and those with multiple addictions. Camille's innovative approach focuses on addressing the root causes of addiction and offering holistic, scientifically-proven methods to foster self-care and self-actualization.

Hayley Scherders

Hayley Scherders is a certified life coach specializing in helping individuals find freedom from alcohol addiction. With a background in the Fundamentals of Addiction from the Center for Addiction and Mental Health in Canada, Hayley uses her personal experiences with toxic relationships, grief, and her mother's struggle with alcohol use disorder to empathize with clients. She emphasizes the power of mindset and understanding the neurological and psychological aspects of addiction to facilitate change. Hayley primarily works with women seeking to change their relationship with alcohol and helps clients navigate the spectrum of alcohol consumption, from social drinking to gray area drinking. Passionate about coaching and empowering others to live "Over the Influence," Hayley is dedicated to helping clients unlock their potential and transform their lives.

Meredith Wickliffe

Meredith Wickliffe is a licensed practical nurse and co-dependency expert who advocates for family systems support in addiction and co-dependency recovery. She is a peer-to-peer support coach, self-care coach, and accountability partner, and a member of NAADAC. Having grown up in an alcoholic/drug-addicted/dysfunctional household, she survived abuse and neglect through childlike survival skills that carried over into her young adulthood. Today, she is a proud member of 12-step process programs and a successful business entrepreneur in the restaurant and entertainment industry. However, her passion lies within the recovery world, coaching others to learn a different way of life beyond the effects of addiction and dysfunction. Her coaching strengths lie within supporting those affected by alcoholism, drug addiction, generational family dysfunction, co-dependency, and total self-care fitness.


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