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Kristina Dennis

Recovered Life Contributor

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About Kristina

Sober Coach, Codependency Expert, & Certified Addiction Interventionist (CAI)

As a fully accredited Certified Addiction Interventionist (CAI), Kristina’s compassionate approach to individuals with trauma allows her to show people the way out of limiting beliefs.

“We all deserve a good life, and it is our responsibility to learn to love our life.”

Her one-on-one and group courses outline how to implement effective daily techniques while offering guidance in the spiritual work needed to forge a new life. Her ability to tailor the work to your unique life experiences sets her apart. The hard work of accepting the past can result in a renewed sense of freedom. This work can often be facilitated by working with an experienced guide who has walked the path.

Kristina has worked as a coach since 1997, when she realized she had a gift for effectively helping others. She now considers it her mission to show people how they can walk through their trauma and be grateful for the experience.

Before launching her course work and coaching business, Kristina’s work experience varied from large hospitality corporations to nonprofits. Her corporate history has given her many skills, including national trainer, individual mentoring, and accumulation of both as Director of Development. In this role, she became versed in developing programs that supported a culture of growth and personal achievement. She enjoyed the job but most loved the one-on-one mentoring. Her career veered to non-profit when an autism diagnosis changed her entire world. She jumped into the world of special needs immediately, learning to navigate her life’s true wreckage and upheaval.

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