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Jeff Graham

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Certified Recovery Coach

I work with others that are not only looking to stop living with alcohol but want to start ‘LIVING’ without alcohol! If you’re interested in looking at new options for your life, free from the guilt, the anxiety and the physical hell that our daily ‘reward’ was giving us, let’s talk about how we can get there!

 “I was under the alcohol’s influence even when I wasn’t under the influence of alcohol”

The day I found freedom was the day I stopped having to try to not drinki alcohol.  When living free of alcohol’s control became my new norm was the day that I was truly free.

I drank for over 30 years to combat crippling anxiety without ever realizing that the thing I was using as my solution to treat it was the thing that was actually causing it.  I was caught in a vicious loop of self destruction and my start time crept closer and closer to the time when I should have been drinking coffee!

I knew I had to stop, but was scared to death of having to face life without a beer in my hand.  Sobriety was a red light to me, and when I thought about ‘stopping’ I figured that life as I knew it was stopping right along with the alcohol.  I Had no idea how much of my life was on hold because of my drinking, and was amazed that a life free from alcohol opened doors that I had long forgotten,  My life in recovery has turned from a flashing stop sign to a bright green light giving me the chance to go with me making the decisions that alcohol had tried to steal for so many years.

Today I work with others that are not only looking to stop living with alcohol, but want to start ‘LIVING’ without alcohol!  The result that we will find together is that magical point in which alcohol is no longer a decision that we have to deal with, but a ‘non-issue’ to us in which choosing to live alcohol free is no longer a conscious choice, but simply becomes who we are.

If you are ready to take back control of your life and start living your life, and not the life that alcohol has mandated for us, freedom is yours for the taking.  Let’s work together and move past surviving life without alcohol, and enter the miracle of thriving life free from alcohol’s chains.

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