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Inas Bilal

Recovered Life Contributor

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About Inas

I work with clients who are dealing with anxiety, depression, stress, grief, and anger management issues. I also help children aged 8-18 years. In my practice, I offer family therapy and individual counseling, assisting clients struggling with alcoholism and drug addiction.

I hold an ICADC certification and have 10 years of experience counseling individuals battling addiction across all 52 states and in the armed forces. Our team is composed of experienced Master level therapists with a strong clinical skill set.

I am passionate about providing the best continuity of care to clients in need of coping skills for managing stress and anxiety. I have volunteered my time to assist the homeless population and women in domestic violence situations. I firmly believe that people facing challenges in specific areas of their lives benefit the most from the support of loving family and friends who encourage them.

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