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Holly Maddox

Recovered Life Contributor

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CRS- Certified Recovery Specialist & CFRS – Certified Recovery Family Specialist

Holly has worked alongside individuals with substance use disorder/alcohol use disorder, as well as families with loved ones in the grips of the disease. In long-term sobriety from both heroin and alcohol addiction. It was through my personal healing that I found how to honor my truth and begin to love and respect myself by setting healthy boundaries and walking away from situations that no longer serve me.

By acknowledging that majority of our suffering, stems from generational and complex trauma and the impact of the ACEs- adverse child experience, I take a compassionate therapeutic approach by being an empathetic listener, providing feedback as you move through your healing journey. My professional and lived experience has given me the skills to tackle topics such as grief and loss, divorce, setting healthy boundaries, and Trauma. When we were never given the tools to properly deal with life’s struggles, we tend to stumble down the destructive path of substance/alcohol use disorder.

I find it courageous when someone allows themselves to be vulnerable and begin to heal. Let me help you navigate through the uncertainty toward recovery and healing. 

At the age of 23, I turned to substances to cope with the death of my mother. Within two years, I was a daily iv drug user. Entered my first of several rehabs in 1999. By March of 2000, I had filed for bankruptcy, lost multiple jobs, wrecked cars, and was arrested twice. I was close to losing all support of family and friends. I entered rehab again and, from there, moved to a halfway house, a recovery house. Became a new mom, putting together years of sobriety. Sadly after a difficult battle with breast cancer, I relapsed for several months on pain medication.
A couple of years later, thinking I was in a happy, stable, supportive marriage, I began drinking. It took another visit to rehab and divorcing my husband, to finally start working on me and my trauma.

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