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Hayley Scherders

Recovered Life Contributor

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Certified Life Coach (Specialized in helping people find freedom from alcohol) Certificate in Fundamentals of Addiction with Center for Addiction and Mental Health (Canada). 

Hayley brings her experience of how toxic relationships can lead to a lack of self-worth and how that can become a slippery slope. Having experienced the grief of losing her mom four years ago, she also understands the difficulty of navigating growing up with a parent who struggled with alcohol use disorder. Finding sobriety leads to understanding, peace, clarity, and feeling that truly allows healing.  Hayley focuses on helping clients shift their mindsets and believes that change is possible for anyone. 

It was only upon reflection that I could see that the train had left the station at an early age for me. The red flags and warning signs had been there all along, but I did not see them. Now having been on both sides of the struggle has given me a different level of awareness (of both alcohol and cocaine addiction). I strongly encourage people to understand that they don’t need to hit a rock bottom to stop drinking or reevaluate their relationship with alcohol. I am also there to say, if you’ve hit a rock bottom, I see you, I am you, and change is possible.

There is a whole spectrum when it comes to drinking. From social drinking to binge drinking to gray area drinking, if you are ready to change your relationship with alcohol, I am here to help. There is no “right time” the “right time” is always now. My mindset was what ultimately gave me freedom, and I aim to empower and encourage my clients to have that same shift.  I am extremely passionate about coaching because I understand how dark it can get and how overwhelming it can feel. I remember thinking my life was over, and quite honestly, I wanted it to be over. I have grown into a completely different version of myself, and so much becomes possible when we can shift our thinking.

The moment I got sober was the moment I knew exactly what I wanted to do: help others Live Over the Influence. I always knew I wanted to work with people but wasn’t clear on the ‘how.’ It finally all made sense. I genuinely believe being in a toxic relationship, losing my mom, and seeing her struggle while I was growing up in the rock bottom moments all gave me a different level of understanding and a capacity for compassion that is a gift.  I learned the neurological and psychological components of alcohol use to help clients understand why our brains function the way they do. When you change your mindset, you truly can change your life. Between my certifications and life experience, I believe I can meet people wherever they are on their journey and help them find freedom. 

The people who tend to gravitate toward me are women who are looking to change their relationship with alcohol and reconnect to themselves. The women who said, “it will never be me” suddenly struggle to cut back or quit. Many of my clients have been gray area drinkers, the space between social drinking and destructive drinking. I do have my own experience in binge drinking and relapse, so I can connect to the early-day struggles and the difficulty of finding your ‘day one.’

You’ve had the key all along – I am here to help you discover it. 

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