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Haven Jo Beck

Recovered Life Contributor

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Certified Addiction Interventionist and Trauma-Informed Life and Happiness Coach

As a Certified Addiction Interventionist and Certified Trauma-Informed Life and Happiness Coach, Haven has worked with people struggling with disordered eating, obesity, food addiction, body image dysmorphia, and drug addiction, helping them deal with their food, eating, drug and body acceptance issues with sanity and compassion while healing childhood trauma for the past two decades.

Haven is most acclaimed for her personally designed and developed workshops and services
centered around food addiction and trauma to help people develop the skills, tools, and lifestyle
changes needed for freedom from self-destructive food behaviors. These programs include in-person and virtual seminars and workshops encouraging a sane approach to eating and
living. Thousands of people worldwide have attended Haven’s compassionate, trauma-sensitive workshops to improve their lives by creating and maintaining successful eating and recovery programs.

Haven began her journey at the age of 14 when she needed her life-saving measures to recover from drug addiction. Shortly thereafter, she became a very active member of 12-step programs for drugs, alcohol, and food. Haven is what we consider a one percenter. Against all odds, she has recovered from intravenous heroin and meth addiction, released 100lbs, and recovered from an abusive alcoholic childhood and domestic violence

Since the age of 20, Haven has been mentoring young women and people of all ages through numerous addictions, starting at all phases of recovery while either still in active addiction or with many years of recovery. With over 25 years of experience in the 12-step world, therapy, and numerous other approaches to recovery, Haven has access to many resources to help her find a unique recovery plan for each client.

Haven’s tailor-made approach to coaching is supported both by academic literature as well as
personal experience. Haven graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Biology and a certification
in early childhood development. She has continued her education with a special focus on life
and happiness coaching.

Haven has worked with young children to retired adults. Her kind and gentle approach, while clearly outlining the steps needed to take to achieve one’s goals, make her the perfect coach for anybody looking to get into action and achieve victory over food addiction, alcoholism, and childhood trauma.

Haven lives next to the beach with her young twins and husband. When she is not creating or hosting workshops, she is home-schooling her children or playing in nature, moving and enjoying her healthy, abstinent body.

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