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Desiree Hull

Recovered Life Contributor

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CPRC – Certified Professional Recovery Coach & Certified Temperament Counselor

I help sober curious women who are feeling defeated and overwhelmed with their everyday life overcome their self-limiting beliefs by teaching them how to break free from the  generational bondage of addiction and walk in alignment with their God given temperament. 

I was terrified to quit drinking. I was on an endless loop of thinking that it was just not possible. Not only did I grow up seeing alcohol consumption in great amounts, but our society has normalized it. I always feared being an “alcoholic” because of my generational history. Drinking in my family was normal, and my dad was a functioning alcoholic till he wasn’t. I tried to moderate multiple times only to find myself falling deeper and deeper into the addiction. I knew I needed help but couldn’t imagine my life without alcohol as that had been a branch of my identity for a little over two decades. I had to face the hard truth that I was drowning, and alcohol was not serving my family or me anymore.

I didn’t have your typical “rock bottom,” but I felt physically, emotionally, and spiritually depleted. I sought counseling, and he encouraged me to find community when I finally hit the fourteen-day milestone. I didn’t know how much I needed to hear the voices of other like-minded women until I did. I didn’t feel alone anymore in my addiction.   I am now educated enough to know that alcohol is a highly addictive substance. A slow drip of anything addictive and toxic will cause the most normal functional person into a downward spiral.

I put down the drink on January 27, 21 and just three short months into my journey I decided to go back to school to be a faith-based counselor. I’ve always had a heart and understanding for those who feel lost or disheartened. I wanted to learn and dig deep not only on a scientific level but also on a spiritual level. Understanding one’s God-given temperament and blending that with forward-focus recovery coaching has given me the opportunity to help others kick the habit and break free! Letting go of one thing has led to so many blessings. Generational chains have been broken, and I know that the best is yet to come! If I can find freedom, you can too, and I would be honored to walk alongside you on your journey. It’s time to kick free and break the habit. 

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