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Camille Goering

Recovered Life Contributor

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Sober & Life Coach

As a health & recovery coach, grief and growth expert, and former everything addict, Camille blends neuroscience and behavioral psychology with Eastern spirituality and mindfulness to empower her clients to rewire their brains for recovery, release grief & trauma, and find self-care and self-actualization.
Camille primarily works with:
● The recovery-curious
● Recovery newbies
● Those with multiple addictions

Humans are driven by desire and the desire to avoid suffering. We seek pleasure and reject pain, often compulsively. In the past, our access to pleasure and exposure to pain was limited but now, with the ease of access to substances and indulgent behaviors, addiction rates and mental illness diagnoses are skyrocketing. Conventional therapies, 12-step groups, and self-help ideologies are not evolving.

I know this from personal experience. My entire life was governed by craving and shame, desire and suffering, and the feeling that nothing was enough. As a survivor of trauma, abuse, and grief, I chased perfectionism and destruction. After entering recovery at 23, I struggled with unhealthy and compulsive habits. I realized traditional methods’ limitations and embarked on a journey to learn everything about addiction.

“Addiction isn’t driven by the substance or behavior as much as by the delusion that the substance or behavior is doing for us what we cannot do for ourselves. The more we project these qualities onto the object of addiction, the more we fear being deprived of it and the less capable we feel of producing those qualities on our own. ”

​Through my studies and experimentation with different therapeutic modalities, I put the pieces together and identified commonalities across all modalities. I started to help others, tracking similarities across different recovery paths with great success. I founded FireByrd Holistic Healing, where we address the root causes of addiction, often related to grief and suffering, and provide a holistic approach to recovery. We use scientifically-proven behavioral exercises and research-backed meditation practices to release bad habits at every level of the mind and body.

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