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Why do you question if you are an alcoholic


Why do you question if you are an alcoholic

Many people question if they are an alcoholic even though the external facts, personal experiences, and deep-down feelings prove otherwise. Why is this? In this Recovery, Check-In, Damon Frank and I speak about the phenomenon of why we question if we are really alcoholics.

This is a must-listen for anyone in recovery that is questioning drinking again!

Kristina Dennis is an expert in helping people overcome adversity, including addiction, codependency, trauma, disease, and divorce. She is a Certified Addiction Interventionist (CAI) who uses a compassionate approach to guide individuals towards freedom from limiting beliefs. Kristina's one-on-one and group courses focus on implementing effective daily techniques and offering spiritual guidance to help transform lives. Her ability to tailor her approach to each person's unique experiences sets her apart. With over 20 years of experience as a coach, Kristina considers it her mission to help people be grateful for their experiences and to embrace a life full of love and joy.

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