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How to Build a Powerful Sober Tribe with Curt Eichelberger


How to Build a Powerful Sober Tribe with Curt Eichelberger

I really loved my interview on “How to Build a Powerful Sober Tribe,” featuring Curt Eichelberger, the founder of Skate Straight Recovery. Kurt is a skateboarder and recovering addict who started Skate Straight Recovery to provide a space for people who want to stay sober while still enjoying the skateboarding culture.

The video is really inspiring because it shows that there are so many different paths to recovery. Curt talks about how everyone’s journey is unique and that finding a supportive community can make all the difference. Here are some key takeaways:

  • There’s more than one way to get sober: Curt’s approach is different from traditional 12-step programs, but that’s what makes it so effective for him and his community. As he says, “I’m just letting people know that there is more than one way and giving them the option to figure out and use what tools they need.”
  • Skateboarding culture can be a powerful tool for recovery: Skateboarding has a reputation for being a party culture, but plenty of skaters are sober and committed to living healthy lifestyles. By providing a space for sober skaters to connect and support each other, Curt has created a new kind of community for people in recovery.
  • Support from others is key: Curt’s story is a reminder that recovery is not a solo journey. Whether a 12-step group, a recovery community center, or a group of sober skaters, a support system can make all the difference.

If you’re interested in checking out Curt’s work, here are some resources he mentions in the video:

Here are some FAQs that might be helpful:

  1. What is Skate Straight Recovery? Skate Straight Recovery is a community of sober skaters who support each other in recovery. Founded by Curt Eichelberger, the group provides a space for people to connect, share their stories, and stay committed to living sober lifestyles.
  2. How is Skate Straight Recovery different from traditional 12-step programs? Skate Straight Recovery is not a 12-step program, although some members of the community also participate in AA or NA. Curt’s approach focuses on building a supportive community centered around skateboarding culture.
  3. Can anyone join Skate Straight Recovery? Yes! Skate Straight Recovery is open to anyone who wants to stay sober and be part of a supportive community. You don’t have to be a skater to join, but you should be interested in the culture and willing to support others in recovery.
  4. How can I start a Skate Straight Recovery group in my area? Curt offers a free facilitator’s guide on the Skate Straight Recovery website that provides all the information you need to start your own group. You can also reach out to Curt for advice and support.
  5. What other resources are available for recovery people interested in skateboarding? Skateboarding has become a popular tool for recovery, and there are many other organizations and communities that focus on using skateboarding to promote sobriety and healthy lifestyles. Some other resources to check out include Skate to Empower, Recovery Skate, and Skaters for Sobriety.

Recovery is possible for anyone who feels stuck but requires work, commitment, and letting go of old ideas. The idea that a fulfilling life is impossible without drugs or alcohol is a misconception that can be overcome. Although the road to long-term sobriety may be challenging, thriving in a sober life is possible. As someone who has experienced these struggles firsthand, I specialize in coaching others to live their best-recovered lives. I work with a variety of individuals, including those in early sobriety, high-performing professionals, individuals struggling with addiction, high-risk relapsers, and even celebrities. With my guidance, clients can overcome their obstacles and pursue the life they truly desire. ​

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