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Conscious Recovery: Unlocking Self-Awareness and Growth


Conscious Recovery: Unlocking Self-Awareness and Growth

In this episode of the Recovered Live Show, host Damon Frank interviews Hayley Scherders, a recovered life and recovery coach. They discuss the importance of self-awareness and leveling up consciousness in recovery. Hayley shares her own journey and emphasizes the need for self-forgiveness and self-compassion. She highlights the importance of finding what soothes one’s soul and grounding oneself to tap into their consciousness. Damon and Hayley also address the fear of change and the belief that focusing on personal development might lead to relapse. They stress the need for continuous growth in recovery to prevent spiritual stagnation.

Hayley Scherders is a certified life coach specializing in helping individuals find freedom from alcohol addiction. With a background in the Fundamentals of Addiction from the Center for Addiction and Mental Health in Canada, Hayley uses her personal experiences with toxic relationships, grief, and her mother's struggle with alcohol use disorder to empathize with clients. She emphasizes the power of mindset and understanding the neurological and psychological aspects of addiction to facilitate change. Hayley primarily works with women seeking to change their relationship with alcohol and helps clients navigate the spectrum of alcohol consumption, from social drinking to gray area drinking. Passionate about coaching and empowering others to live "Over the Influence," Hayley is dedicated to helping clients unlock their potential and transform their lives.

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